Love’s Drink

Nasheed by Hamud Al Khudr

subhanallah, it’s so beautiful

Rough translation:

The drink of love is known by taste
and not all servers of it are servers

As long as I live I will never forget my God by Him
I elevate in the hereafter the high states (?)

I love Allah with manners and truthfulness
and I do not accept [anything] but piety to be my character

It is to dear to me to abandon love
even if my soul reaches my collar-bone (in its exit)

I left all the creatures of Allah to be by myself
I was occupied away from the creatures by my eagerness

and whom ever known true love
its haram on him to incline towards parting

and how can I not love Allah a single day
when he is the only one in the universes that is everlasting.