4 thoughts on “وقفت حروفي

  1. minty muslimah says:

    hey assalam alaykum amatullah, I really like your blog. I heard this nasheed that you posted…. I have a comment i’d like to share. I heard untill ‘O recitor of the Qur’an, cure our hearts…’ Doesn’t this sound shirk-y, to say to the RECITOR, to cure hearts? even if he recited for days with khushoo3, and tajweed, and tears, he would not be able to cure any1’s heart, much less his own… I hope you see what i mean. Though the nsheed is beautiful, I request you humbly to not promote it. Keep up the good work with this blog. A sister in Islam.

  2. amatullah7 says:

    Wa alaykum as salaam minty muslimah,

    Jazakillah khair for the compliment and for your kind words…

    After you pointed out that line in the nasheed, I went back and read it in context. The line after the one you mentioned reads: “These are the springs of the book being poured, they run with Nur in my new life.” Assuming his life was changed for the better, how could a recitor change a person’s life (without Allah’s permission of course)?

    To me it sounds like once we implement not only tajweed into our lives, but also the message of the Quran, that is when our hearts can be cured. It seems that it’s not the actual recitation that is curing our hearts, but the message behind the recitation. wAllahu a’lam.

    If we only look at the “O recitor…cure our hearts…” we wouldn’t be looking at the whole picture. Considering the line that comes after it, it seems appropriate to interpret the meaning of the nasheed as: O recitor, recite the Quran as it was revealed [ie with tajweed] so that we may have a chance at rectifying our actions and purifying our hearts. wAllahu a’lam…

    In any case, let’s hope this was the intended interpretation of the nasheed. 70 excuses inshaa’Allah 🙂

  3. sumaya says:

    i really like this nasheed..where can i find it?

  4. amatullah7 says:

    As salamu alaykum sister Sumaya,

    I found it from youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWzYitstzs0

    Hope that helps!

    wassalaam 🙂

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