Daily Wisdom

“If we can just let go and trust in the process of our advancement, we can appreciate the miracle of the flow of life. If, during our turbulent periods, we keep ourselves dynamically balanced like a skilled surfer, the waves of our experience will guide us smoothly to the shore. We may fear that the waves will drown us, but it is actually the waves that move us.”

3 thoughts on “Daily Wisdom

  1. Saliha says:


    Subhan’Allah, these few words had an extraordinary impact upon me.
    May we become fully capable of instilling the wisdom we pass through in the sands of time 😉 Inshaa’Allah.

  2. amatullah7 says:

    Arigato gozaimasu 😉

  3. Saliha says:

    Hehe, very nice. I do love it.

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