this is SHAYTAN! (ok not really)

If shaytan has been tricking you lately, then watch this! It will get you mad enough to get the energy to fight him, inshaa’Allah.

Jazakillah khair yaa Doa! I got this from her blog, there are many more beneficial reminders, insha’Allah we should all watch them.

2 thoughts on “this is SHAYTAN! (ok not really)

  1. Yaser says:

    Really effective, disturbing and hard hitting. I hope everyone sees this..I think its pretty good. Jazakillah khayra wa jazahallah.

  2. cherrychic93 says:

    Asalamu alaikum, WOW! Aoudhubillahi minashatanir rajeem! Ick. I think that was… something. hahaha. I tried to scroll past and my mom saw me and told me to click it. It was a great way of informing…almost. Just kinda scary.

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