alMaghrib “purification act” gem:

“If a person knows about Islam–that is what he will be held accoutable for. But for the people in which Islam never reaches them, also those who were deaf, dumb, blind, etc., on the Day of Judgement Allah will test them.

“He will tell them to jump into the Naar. Some will jump in, and those people will be the people of Paradise insha’Allah. Allah will tell them that if the message had arrived to them in dunya, He Knows they would have obeyed Him.

“But as for those who do not jump–their ultimate destination is Jahannam becuase they did not put their trust in Allah (azza wa jaal), and had they been given the oppurtunity in dunya (to obey Allah and accept Islam), they would have turned away from Him.” check it out


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