my pet peeves

  • #1: LAZY people (like. PURPOSEFULLY lazy people)
  • convertible hijabs
  • irresponsible people
  • selfishness
  • those who have “learned” stupidity
  • corrupt people (uh governments anyone?)
  • arrogance
  • pride
  • careless mispronunciation of the Qur’an
  • myopic people
  • cultural Muslims
  • men who drive with testosterone and not their brain
  • women who put on makeup while driving (what the…??)
  • people who insist on checking out everyone beside them at a red light
  • egotistic people
  • loud yawners (shut it already)
  • audible eaters (the “chalap-chalapers”)
  • rude people

and the list continues

One thought on “my pet peeves

  1. assalamu alaikom

    myopic people?

    wats that?

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