excerpt from amr khaled’s lecture

Allah’s Messenger (SAWS) says, “Once Allah wants to perish a servant, He would remove Haia’ (modesty) from him.  Once Haia’ is removed from him you’ll find him nothing but despicable.  Once you find him despicable, honesty is removed from him.  Once honesty is removed from him you’ll find him nothing but a treacherous person.  Once you find him nothing but treacherous, mercy will be removed from him.  Once mercy is removed from him you find him nothing but a damned and a cursed person.”[6]

Indeed, the meaning of the abovementioned hadith appears clearly in our daily lives.  We see a despicable person and once honesty is removed from him, he becomes treacherous!  Never ever to be one of those persons. Those defects are but a chain; one leads to the other.  Among the lengthy ahadith of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) is one talking about intercession.  In it, the Prophet (SAWS) talks about the people’s passage over the sirat[7] on the Day of Judgment.  Once a person starts his way on the sirat, trustworthiness and kin-ties appear before his eyes incarnate.  They are actually sent by Allah to stand on both sides of the sirat.  “Did you render what you owe me?” asks trustworthiness.  So, you will be asked this question before passing on the sirat.

            Hence, stick to your faith; if you didn’t do, you would be disloyal to both Allah and His Messenger (SAWS).  O sister, do you know that by not             wearing Hijab[8] you are being disloyal to the Prophet (SAWS)?  And you brother, do you know that you are being disloyal to him too                         when you do not care about performing your prayers in the mosque?  Allah says what can be translated as, “O you who have believed, do             not betray Allah and the Messenger, and do not betray your deposits while you know that” (TMQ, 8: 27).  So, you are being                 disloyal when you do it knowingly and not out of ignorance.

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